Community Led Place-making Workshop

Avondale residents that came to the Urban design workshop in May and / or Milenko’s workshop in August were invited to come to have a  ‘practice run’ of Milenko’s model that you were introduced to. This took place on 7 September 2016.

For the purpose of this practice run we looked at 2 nodes (Central Reserve and Highbury Triangle) within Avondale town centre.

The Milenko model cuts process time down from a few years of (council) consultation and processes to 3 to 4 months and it is community led / grassroots.

Milenko’s model:

  1. Each individual can share his/her idea taking turns
  2. Once each person has had a turn we ask if there are any other ideas
  3. Are any of the ideas a potential concern and why? Eliminate
  4. Pull the values / themes from these ideas ie beautification, safety etc
  5. Separate in groups. Each group to draw ideas on plan.
  6. Present each group’s plan to other groups
  7. Go back to your group’s plan and add ideas you liked from the other groups

Some amazing ideas came out of this practise run. It goes to show that residents really know best!

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