Milenko Community Development Model Workshop

Milenko Workshop

A small group of Avondale residents gathered together with brokers from Auckland Councils Empowered Communities Unit.

The goal was to practice a community development model that ACA and Council Community Brokers had been introduced to.

Prior to this workshop we visited two key public sites in Avondale town centre known as the Central Reserve the old netball courts behind the Spider) and The highbury Triangle (site of our community centre, community preschool library).

The meeting was structured as followed:

  • A set of ground rules are proposed by participants and agreed on.
  • A question starts off the meeting.
  • Each participant gives 1 idea. My idea is……
  • Then the whole group is asked if there are any other ideas to add.
  • Are there any concerns around any of these ideas? If yes, put a question mark next to them.
  • After the ideas are gathered we looked at what the Themes were. Themes are the essence that the ideas are working towards fulfilling.
  • We split into smaller groups and plans were drawn up incorporating the ideas.
  • These plans were presented to other groups.
  • Each group then took ideas of the other groups that they liked and incorporated them in their plans.

Some amazing and original, but very achievable, ideas came out of this workshop.

Participants felt that this was a good model to work with.

Participants agreed that the Milenko Model would be good to first look at the big picture, creating a vision for Avondale Town centre. Once that vision is there we can break it down into little projects.


Thank to the participants who made it to this workshop and contributed their energy, vision and ideas. And also to the Whau Local board for their ongoing support.