Healthy, easy and affordable cooking

We organised a serie of 7 “Healthy, easy and Affordable Eating” workshops.

Eating healthy on a budget can be quite a challenge and often we are time poor too. This workshop was aimed at making healthy eating under these challenging circumstances easier and is designed to make changes in habits and routines as easy as possible.

Each session had a different theme from Stock based recipe’s to fermented vegetables, on the go lunches etc.

Healthy – to improve eating habits through teaching different ways of preparing foods and discovering foods that one normally doesn’t eat

Easy – To change eating and preparing food habits it has to be made as easy as possible. Prices per meal are supplied, where to buy ingredients locally, how long it take to prepare. We’ll be teaching routines that make food preparation less of a ‘hassle’. Participants will be encouraged to teach their children to prepare food.

Affordable – How to get the most out of a budget. What are better choices of food for the same price.

Our participants gained confidence in trying new ways of eating and learned new skills.

Special thanks go to Whau Kai and the The Trusts that supported these events with funding and thanks to Auckland Council that offered us use of Avondale Community Centre.