Community Ideas Workshop around Activation of Old 3 Guys site

You may have noticed the arrival of 2 large shipping containers on the empty site in our town centre known as the Old 3 Guys site. These shipping containers are part of an Activation Project initiated by Avondale Police and is supported by councils Empowered Communities unit, residents and local organisations.

More then 30 Avondale residents attended this workshop to draw maps with ideas on how to activate this site.

Activation ideas by 5 groups were drawn on maps of the Old 3 guys site and shared with the other groups

Some of the ideas were taking into account visual and safety impact of shipping containers onsite.

All in all it was a well attended meeting with a lot of positive energy, ideas and commitment from local volunteers.

There will be follow up sessions in which the planning will get into more detail.

This Activation supports:

  • Whau Board outcomes
  • Recommendations in 2016 CPTED report
  • Avondale Business Associations Strategic Report
  • Avondale Community Actions Random Household Survey
  • Feedback from residents on social media


Benefits of Activation:

  • An empty space becomes a community space
  • Connections between locals are build and strengthened
  • The temporary aspect of this project allows for creativity and experimentation
  • Opportunity for locals to participate in shaping their environment
  • Encouraging positive use of the site
  • Reduce ongoing rubbish dumping