Avondale Community Workshop

Motu Design facilitates community workshop

A positive opportunity for Avondale !
Join the conversation to help define an Avondale community–led vision document that will be community owned.

This aims to identify key priorities for the people of Avondale;
celebrates the cultural diversity, heritage, unique character and identity of Avondale that is important in shaping its future;

It can inform design and development decisions made by various organisations such as private developers, Panuku, Housing New Zealand and the Whau Local Board.

More information from Motu Design is here

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Who is standing for the Whau Local Board?

Responses Whau board CANDIDATES…and why should we vote for them!

ACA invited all the 26 election candidates for the Whau Local Board to take part in a questionnaire. We asked locals on Facebook to contribute what they would like to ask them and as of yesterday this is the responses we have received so far.

CLICK HERE for candidates responses – updated 9th Sept

Here were the Questions asked: 

Q1: Have you been a Whau Local Board member in the past/currently?

Q2: If yes, what have been your greatest successes that you’ve influenced or achieved as a Local Board member and NOT through another role you hold in the community?

Q3: What are your key priorities in the Whau?

Q4: If elected, how would you deal with community views that oppose your personal views?

Q5: What do you think Avondale needs for its people – young and old, new and established, culturally and economically diverse – to flourish?

Q6: What role do you feel residents play in the development of our neighbourhoods?

Q7: Are you a candidate for other elected roles? If yes, which one e.g. Licensing Trust, Health Board etc.?

Q8: What is your current occupation and how many hours per week do spend in this occupation?

Q9: If elected will you continue to work these hours as well as the hours expected of a Local Board member?

Q10: If elected, do you commit to working 15-25 hours per week for your Local Board salary? *members paid an annual salary of $42,350 and Chairperson paid an annual salary of $82,650

Consultation on Community Facilities


Have your say on Central West Community Needs AssessmentAuckland Council is seeking feedback from central west residents from Mt Albert through to Kelston and Green Bay on community needs in their local areas.

This consultation will gather information about how community facilities such as swimming pools, recreation centres, community centres, libraries, halls, and meeting rooms can help provide for those needs. This area is known as the central west for this particular community needs assessment project.

This consultation is open from 15 February until 4pm, 15 March 2016.