Ross Forbes

“How to hang a Painting”Ross_Forbes

What is this work about? Aside from the humour of the title, one of the installations most obvious features is its depiction of tension. The physical tension of the string, the taut, stretched lines, the rock counterweights…..all suggest that this sculpture has something to do with an equilibrium maintained via opposed intensive forces. In life there are very many occasions or events shaped by forces in opposition. The viewer could perhaps see in the work a reflection of tense personal or formal  relationships, or perhaps see something there of the daily struggles we all have in maintaining some sort of equilibrium given the demands on our time.

Of course, specifically the work suggests a relationship between a painting….. a depiction of a scene…..and elements of the landscape, in this case rocks. What is this relationship and how can the viewer make sense of this? I’m not about to provide a specific answer as there was no one particular idea in my mind when I created the work. However the clash between a manmade finely wrought article….the painting…..and the brute products of geologic forces…..the rocks…hints at something surreal which is nevertheless fixed in an equilibrium that seems frozen in time. Perhaps painting has had its day as an artform , perhaps not, perhaps it can be reinvigorated  by its very objectness. In the final analysis this work is simply how I as a sculptor would approach a painting… an object to be weighed up and regarded as one would stone for its inscrutable qualities. I love both rocks and paintings, perhaps that’s enough of an answer??

Please come to the opening on Thursday 24th October 5-7pm at the Avondale Creative Space – 1865 Great North Road ( next to Subway )