out look towards race course

by Paul Woodruffe

The 1950’s man.

This figure represents the decisions made regarding Avondale in the 1950 and 60’s. The figure overlooks the Avondale Racecource, and appears to reflect on the golden era of horse racing in Avondale, which has now passed, posing a question on the future of this site.

DSC_2251Woman with Child.

This figure celebrates the new migrants from other parts of New Zealand and overseas who have settled in Avondale, in particular the young families. This figure is in contrast to the 1950’s man who represents the past.


The figures have been laser cut out of mild steel by Mulcahy Engineering in Rosebank, these designs were converted to Vector line work from hand drawn images, and have been painted in Porter Paints metallic sheen paint.

The figures have been designed to be replaced at intervals with new designs that are sourced from local artists.