Regeneration Action Group

A self formed group of people interested in finding out and understanding how change in our community can happen: both big and small, asked some questions. If  these raise more questions for you or you’re interested in having further discussions contact us

August 2016

There have been continued concerns from locals about previously mentioned ‘Sell offs’ of publicly owned land needed to assist in funding our Community Centre rebuild or relocation. Blocks of land in Avondale have quietly been sold by council, with no public awareness. These funds Avondale may never see…. The Regeneration Group took action by providing printed submission forms informing locals and requesting signed support. VIEW HERE


Sept 2015

On request, Auckland Transport supplied us with feedback forms and posters of the two proposed crossings. We asked residents to write down their comments or use the feedback form. We also put up a map of Avondale town centre and a blank feedback form asking for feedback on wider traffic issues. Residents could also use stick-it notes to write down issues and stick them on the map in the right place.

The proposed crossings will improve the current situation. These crossings will take pedestrians to corner of Crayford West and Racecourse parade, which remain difficult to cross, Especially Racecourse Parade. With intensification happening in the near future (current Racecourse Parade development of 50 plus apartments and more to come) this will be an even bigger concern. Avondale is targeted for a lot of intensification under new unitary plan and therefore pedestrian traffic will increase.
View Pedestrian crossings and wider issues feedback document.

May 2015

Pedestrian Crossing up grades Of St Jude St/ Great North Road Round about.  Feedback gathered extended to other areas of concern in Avondale.


After the intial community consultation deliverd by the Whau local Board, and Q & A sessions to get answers for the locals meant the first hints of Council land having to be sold off possibly to a supermarket chain as there was no money for a community Centre rebuild.

Racecourse Parade Public land Sales

Concerns intensified with the announcement of the sale of the Racecourse Parade:

The group called for the stop of the land sales, soon realised after the Whau local board unanimous opposition was ignored by the then ACPL CCO (soon to be Panuku ) that communities needed to aim higher to be heard, we engaged with the then Major Len Brown requesting answers & he attend our event on the main street to talk with Avondale Locals. A petition was created View here. But this made no effect, the land sales proceeded.

We were officially responded to by the ACPL CEO and referred to meet with Mike Bush.  


  • Auckland Transports reponse to Safer pedestrian crossing Submission 19th June – AT – 19th June