No more public land sales in Avondale submission

To Auckland Council
I support this call for no more public land sales in Avondale and I agree with the following:

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I want Avondale to be the most liveable suburb in Auckland; a connected, diverse, happy and healthy place.
I demand Avondale be developed in an integrated and inclusive way that delivers a high quality town centre to meet our needs.
I want the Auckland Council owned sites known as Highbury Triangle and Central Reserve to stay in public hands.
I wish for Auckland Council to acquire the privately owned site known as "The old 3 Guys" on Great North Road as a key site in the heart of Avondale.
I ask that Auckland Council actively collaborate with our communities around the development of Avondale as per Auckland Council’s commitment to be an enabling council and support empowered communities.
I support the intensification of Avondale but we need a balance between quality private and public development.