Hey! We’re Avondale Community Action. We’re a group of individuals and organisations based in Avondale working towards a better future for our community. We’re also a registered Charitable Trust.

We’re constantly talking to people living or working here to find out how we can make Avondale the best we can be by getting stuck in and getting our hands dirty to help create productive outcomes for our great little suburb. For a more detailed account of our activities over the past six years visit our timeline here

We have some super talented locals on board, but still need to expand our group in hope of being able to create solutions for addressing the outcomes we found from the “Avondale Random Household Survey” ACA completed and published in 2015.

ACA’s current & future projects are driven from the needs we heard from this resident led survey. VIEW THE SURVEY OUTCOMES

What is ACA doing with the Survey outcomes?

The results reinforce & provide a strong Avondale voice that councils, local boards and future development in Avondale can adhere to.  ACA will also use these results as a springboard for future projects/action.

Our current ‘Action Groups’ are:

Regeneration – A team advocating for good outcomes in Avondale Town Centre Developments.
Made in Avondale – Activating our Community Centre by creating affordable workshops and events for many.
Media, Promotions & PR –  Helping locals to know about whats going on. Upkeep of Website, Facebook, E-Newsletter (all volunteer based, so not so regular sometime!).
Support Crew – People who just want to ‘Turn up on the day & pitch in’ or provide sustenance for volunteers.
Admin & Fundraising 
– Essential behind the scene skills that can be done from home.

All of the above is volunteer based!

We have one part time paid co-ordinator (when funded) who currently is Silvia Spieksma. If you’re interested in getting involved, or you just want to know more about what we do, check out our Facebook page or chuck us an email! Email ACA

Whats involved in getting involved? There’s a formal working group meeting fortnightly (On Friday 9.30 – 11am). This is when key organisers from each action group and available trustees get together to review what is being done and what needs to be done. Usually we make any decisions crucial to the progression of upcoming events or projects. It’s all very exciting and it’s a good time to have a bit of a catch up too, but mostly, we like to get stuff done at these meetings. ( No Soap boxes are available! ) We also have a ‘meet-up’ one evening per month at various Avondale establishments.

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Avondale Community Action is governed by the following trustees.

Melissa Allen
Michelle Ardern
Mark Lewis
Simon O’Carroll
Sue Thirkettle

In the past & present we have been supported by various organisations, we would like to thank you for helping us to keep going.

ACA Sponsors